Prodigal and Revenue Cycle Associates team up to modernize RCM

Prodigal and Revenue Cycle Associates logos

Medical payments and debt are a hot topic, both in legislation and the news, putting healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) companies in the spotlight.

That means in addition to being central to their clients’ businesses, RCM teams’ work is high profile. Ensuring they stay at the forefront of their industry is vital.

Teaming up with Revenue Cycle Associates

That forward focus is why Revenue Cycle Associates, the leader in outsourcing solutions to enhance healthcare RCM and accounts receivable management (ARM), has partnered with Prodigal, the pioneer of consumer finance intelligence, to elevate patient experience and improve clients’ bottom lines.

Here’s what Revenue Cycle Associates does for their customers:

  • Creates value-oriented revenue cycle strategies
  • Streamlines accounts receivable
  • Increases cash flow
  • Boosts financial results
  • Enhances their clients’ brand images

Prodigal helps RCM and other consumer finance clients:

HIPAA compliance

Oh, and did we mention Prodigal is HIPAA-compliant?

There are two privacy clauses of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) that have an impact on healthcare / medical bills receivables management:

1. Collectors are not supposed to ask for details about a patient's Protected Health Information (PHI).

2. Any PHI shared by patients must not be included in post-call notes (because they eventually make it into the CRM and become a part of the system record).

ProAssist, which supports agents with real-time assistance, can steer them away from asking in-depth about PHI.

In AI-generated post-call notes, ProNotes ensures that any PHI mentioned during the call is blanketed by generic terms like "illness", "sickness" without mentioning any specifics.

And ProInsight, which includes automated call tagging, can flag calls in which PHI was discussed to allow auditors to check specific conversations or manually written notes to ensure there were no HIPAA compliance violations.

All of these uses make Prodigal a perfect partner for RCM companies like Revenue Cycle Associates.

The tools and the talent

By adding Prodigal ProNotes and ProInsight, Revenue Cycle Associates is modernizing workflows and opening the door to increasing their collectors’ efficiency and performance.

“Our commitment to improving the patient experience on behalf of our clients leads us to look for innovative ways to support our collectors so they can achieve the best outcomes for everyone. Prodigal’s solutions let us do that by using smart automation to allow us to focus on what matters - people.”

–Mark Craig, Revenue Cycle Associates CEO and Founder

With ProNotes, Revenue Cycle Associates will be able to reduce after-call wrap time and improve collectors’ productivity and in-call focus. 

Using Prodigal’s AI Intent Engine, which is trained on more than 250 million consumer finance calls, ProNotes summarizes and standardizes call notes to provide consistency and clarity. 

And Revenue Cycle Associates has chosen to use ProInsight to help with collector training, minimizing agent variability and improving interaction quality. 

Rather than managers manually listening to calls, ProInsight analyzes complete conversations, tagging and scoring calls to bubble up any interactions that might require follow-up. This insight provides supervisors a high-level view of collector performance and areas for improvement.

“The patient and client-centered approach of Revenue Cycle Associates is a perfect fit for our AI’s expertise in consumer finance conversations. We’re excited to improve patient experience and drive outcomes for the RCM industry one bill at a time.”

–Shantanu Gangal, CEO and Founder of Prodigal

Read the official press release here.