Humans of Prodigal: Mahesh Ambule

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Mahesh Ambule is Lead Backend Engineer at Prodigal, heading up a team of engineers on the Platform team.

He is originally from Ahmednagar, and then studied computer science and engineering at Government College Of Engineering, Aurangabad.

Where do you live?

Pune, Maharashtra.

Why Prodigal?

I was at my previous company for six years, which is quite a long time. The product there was matured, and I wanted more growth, so I was looking to experience a startup culture because startups are generally fast-growing.

I had an offer at the time of interviewing with Prodigal, but then I had two interactions with Sangram [Sangram Raje, our CTO] and I found him very talented. He was a person I wanted to work with so I decided I would not accept the offer from the other company and I joined Prodigal.

When I’m not working, you can find me…

I play online chess, sometimes with friends or sometimes it's random people on and I like to play badminton also.

What would your co-workers be surprised to know about you?

Recently I started taking interest in music. I'm actually trying to learn piano. I always wanted to learn, so I thought I would spend some time learning other side hobbies as well.

[Maybe Mahesh and Niroop should start a band?]

What’s your favorite Prodigal value?

I think there are two values. One is “We take action,” because when you take action, even if you make a mistake, you will likely learn from those mistakes and then you can refine your approach and try again. That gives you faster results.

Another one is being specific, because it means you have clear communication and there are less chances of misunderstanding. And that eventually leads to good outcomes.

Why should someone reading this want to work at Prodigal?

These are interesting problems we are solving both in the ML space and in the backend distributed computing space. And obviously the team is great. I mentioned Sangram - with those kinds of leaders, everyone wants to work with the Prodigal team. 

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