Transforming patient retention and protecting client reputation with AI

In the world of healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM), patient satisfaction equals revenue success.

That’s why providers turn to RevCycle, Inc., a leading RCM company. They know RevCycle has a reputation for delivering exceptional patient experiences that produce the revenue outcomes they're looking for. 

The challenge

To ensure they maintain that distinction, RevCycle is constantly looking for ways to improve. So they approached us with a specific challenge - they needed a call audit solution that could deliver higher accuracy than their existing speech analytics provider. 

Prodigal’s custom AI solutions met RevCycle’s goals with:

  • 40% boost in accuracy
  • 70% reduction in call audit time
  • 2.3X additional opportunities for agent-patient connection

Unleashing the power of consumer finance-trained AI

Our AI Intent Engine, trained on over 400 million consumer finance calls including healthcare RCM, proved to be the perfect solution for RevCycle. 

By adopting Prodigal's Prolnsight, RevCycle experienced a significant leap in accuracy, moving from a mere 50% to an impressive human-level accuracy rate of over 90%. 

Prolnsight not only delivered accuracy but also provided RevCycle with faster automated call scoring, reducing the time spent on call reviews by 70%. 

By generating transcripts and tags, ProInsight also eliminated the need for RevCycle's QA agents and managers to listen to entire conversations. This efficiency allowed them to focus on more critical tasks and allocate their resources effectively.

Supercharging agent empathy

RevCycle's commitment to agent empathy was already key to their excellent performance, but Prodigal's AI supported them in taking it to the next level. 

By analyzing conversation data, Prodigal's AI identified additional opportunities for agents to offer empathy when patients expressed vulnerability. This valuable insight enabled RevCycle to strengthen their connection with patients and outshine their competitors in patient engagement.

The results

The implementation of Prodigal's AI-powered solution yielded remarkable outcomes for RevCycle:

  1. Accuracy rate: RevCycle witnessed a significant improvement in accuracy, achieving a rate of over 90%. This ensured that patient interactions were handled with precision and care.

  2. Agent improvement opportunities: Prodigal's AI identified 2.3 times more agent improvement opportunities, allowing RevCycle to provide targeted training and further enhance agent performance.

  3. Patient satisfaction: By reinforcing agent performance through additional training opportunities, RevCycle continued to delight and retain patients, ultimately improving patient satisfaction and retention, which strengthened client relationships.

More than they bargained for

It’s not often in business that you get more than you pay for, but just as RevCycle’s provider clients get increased patient retention along with streamlined and successful payment processes, RevCycle themselves got increased value with Prodigal ProInsight.

They wanted a new compliance solution, and got that and more:

  • An accuracy improvement from 50% to 90%
  • 70% reduction in compliance review time
  • 2.3X additional opportunities spotted for agent training

Read the full case study here.