Prodigal: An early-stage company shaping the future of workplace culture

We're proud to have been named to Will Reed's Top 100.

Out of 2,500+ eligible Seed and Series A B2B tech companies, Will Reed named Prodigal as an early-stage company shaping the future of workplace culture.

We may be AI-powered, but we're always human-led, and that's why the Will Reed list is so important to us - they recognize companies who are human-first and offer purpose, belonging, and growth.

That's us!

Who we are

We're a wildly diverse team in all senses of the word - our leadership team is 50% female, and we have Prodigies in three offices across India and all over the United States.

We're badminton medalists, national parks fans, musicians, and gamers. We speak more than 15 languages.

We work hard, but we also go to the movies together, host hackathons, set up remote coffee dates and give each other tacos via Slack, and get together whenever we can (2023's big gatherings: Cancun and Goa). We're all kind of jealous of the afternoon snacks in the Mumbai office.

And it's not just talk - we get to see our company values playing out every day:

1) We take action: We’re unafraid to make decisions that will drive us forward.

2) We're radically candid: We care personally about each other and challenge each other directly to achieve long-term success.

3) We're curiously optimistic: We embrace problems with intelligence. When considering ideas, we ask, “How might it work?” rather than, “Why will it fail?”

4) We are specific: We back ourselves, our arguments, and our points of view with relevant data and details.

5) We pursue excellence: We do whatever it takes to deliver our best and constantly strive to pursue excellence each and every day.

The Will Reed Top 100

“We’ve worked with hundreds of early-stage B2B tech companies who are on mission to transform the way we live and work,” said Paige Robinson, Founder & CEO of Will Reed. “We believe the most successful companies are those like Prodigal, who are committed to building human-first cultures that offer purpose, belonging, and growth.”

We're proud to be on this list alongside so many other early-stage companies who are building great things and great teams at the same time.

Oh, and P.S. - we're hiring!