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AI exclusively for lending and collections

Maximize payments like never before.

Get more payments, faster, with the only genAI built for your business from Prodigal.

Improve payment rates and transform customer engagement with current, personalized strategies and plans you can’t get anywhere else.

Increase payments with genAI purpose-built for you.

Engagement strategy
Dynamic prioritization models
Complaints management
Compliance workflows
Automated notes
Agent effectiveness

Power your future.

Up to
higher email and text click-through rates
Up to
Up to
faster QA call reviews
Modernize your operations
Lower costs with AI-powered intelligent operations

Intelligence to automate compliance exceptions and QA scorecards that deliver better-than-human accuracy in X the time.

Modernize your operations
Lower costs with AI-powered intelligent operations.

Intelligence to automate compliance exceptions and QA scorecards while delivering better-than-human accuracy in a fraction of the time.

Modernize your operations
Capture conversations accurately with ProNotes.

Slash handle time and let your team focus on your customers by incorporating call notes created by consumer finance-trained AI that understands both context and content.

Modernize your operations
Solve agent performance pains with ProAssist.

With high staff turnover and mixed performance, you need a way to coach every agent to the top. Real-time, responsive agent assistance slashes ramp time 50% and supports peak performance across your team.

Built for you
Intelligent solutions for every part of our industry.
Wherever you are in consumer finance - lending, collecting, servicing, or healthcare RCM - the daily obstacles of effectively connecting with customers, members, and patients while driving payments are universal.

You deserve partnerships with companies that understand what you do and can help you achieve your best outcomes.
Lending - built for you
Build better models and capture every complaint.
Improve prioritization and segmentation models with fresh, real-time data. Decimate risk by automating complaint capture and compliance. Empower representatives to focus on customers and build relationships.
Collections  - built for you
Boost payments and lift agent effectiveness.
Improve account prioritization and segmentation. Track and coach agents in real time. Streamline slow and incomplete QA workflows and automate tedious note-taking so your team can focus on effectiveness.
Auto finance - built for you
Keep payments current
and defaults low.
You can’t control record-high payments and interest rates. But you can head off delinquencies, surrenders, and repossessions by improving account and outreach strategies with automation and strategy customized for consumer finance.
Healthcare RCM - built for you
Ease patient payments and increase revenue.
Raise payment rates and patient satisfaction without increasing costs. Ensure an empathetic and informed omnichannel experience for patients by analyzing conversations and proactively designing solutions.
Easy integrations

Prodigal syncs with stuff you already use.

Software integrations can be clunky or complicated. We’ve solved for that too. Our custom APIs were developed with your current software setup in mind, helping to ensure simple, seamless, and successful product syncs with platforms and tools you already use.
Safety and security

Expert security and data protection.

You can rest assured knowing that the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of your data is protected according to rigorous industry standards. We possess SOC 2 Type II platform compliance and are PCI DSS certified. We maintain up-to-date processes and controls with regular audits by internal and external parties.
Since using Prodigal, I get the transparency across my business that gives me peace of mind.”
Anna Donnelly
Vice President

Since using Prodigal, I get the transparency across my business that gives me peace of mind."


Anna Donnelly

Vice President

With Prodigal, we’re confident that we’re catching 100% of all issues and we no longer have to search for a needle in a haystack since we can zoom in on problematic calls or issues immediately.”


Shaun Ertischek

Chief Compliance Officer and General Counsel

Prodigal is powerful. It's helped us identify opportunities to fix compliance gaps, train agents, and increase productivity."


Neeraj Mendiratta

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