ProVoice is now ProInsight

You know how when you eat a big Thanksgiving dinner and you lean back and unbutton your jacket you just feel So. Much. Better?

That’s kind of how we’re feeling about officially updating the name of ProVoice to ProInsight as of June 1, 2023.

ProVoice to ProInsight logos

ProInsight does so much more than analyze voice, after all. Over time, it’s become much more powerful. It can evaluate and generate event tags, scorecards, visuals, and reports for chats, text messages, and emails in addition to calls.

Just like you’re working to connect with your customers where, when, and how they want, ProInsight is too.

All the data our ProInsight customers get has infinite uses (see below for some examples). And we’re making room for even more good stuff, like the new Expert Tips feature that helps you turn every agent into your best agent.

For our existing customers, this update won’t impact the way they work at all, or require them to do anything differently. We’re definitely not sunsetting functionality - this just gives us more room to tackle even more challenges, like unbuttoning your jacket before you take on that pumpkin pie.

The value of insight

In addition to total compliance and QA coverage for conversations between agents and customers, ProInsight delivers actionable insights to help you make informed decisions, create and revise strategies, and achieve your business goals.

For customers who are ready to use it for more than just conversation scoring, and for everyone else ready to see how you can transform your consumer finance business with the power of AI, we’re excited to show off all the insights* you can get from ProInsight. Take a look:

*see what we did there?

Conversation scoring and analysis

After every interaction, ProInsight analyzes the conversation, transforming the workflow for compliance and QA teams by automatically categorizing and completing the objective questions in compliance scorecards and flagging specific parts of conversations that warrant follow-up. 

Automating that process with ProInsight means compliance and QA teams can move away from the time-consuming work of reviewing entire conversations. Clients can accomplish more thorough reviews with less manual effort.

Agent performance and coaching

By analyzing metrics in ProInsight such as average handle time, first-contact resolutions, and compliance guidelines, managers can identify opportunities for improvement and provide targeted coaching.


  • Only 5 agents got customer compliments last week, but 4 of them were trained by the same manager.
  • None of the agents who work from home used aggressive or non-empathetic language last month.
  • 8 of the 10 agents who got the highest percentage of “promises to pay” work from the Atlanta regional office.

Root cause analysis

By analyzing interactions with ProInsight, teams can gain insights into the underlying reasons for customer complaints, identify recurring problems, and take proactive measures to address them. This can also reduce the need for repeated customer outreach and enhance first-contact resolution rates. 

ProInsight can track and analyze transfers and escalations to help identify the reasons behind them. With information about patterns, teams can take steps to optimize routing strategies, improve agent training, and reduce the need for unnecessary transfers, leading to a better customer experience.


  • Inbound emails increased 15% last Tuesday in response to a confusing marketing campaign.
  • Construction near the Birmingham branch caused 10% of escalations because agents did not have the information customers wanted.

Agent script effectiveness

By analyzing customer responses and outcomes, teams can determine which scripts or prompts lead to better customer satisfaction, improved resolution rates, or increased sales conversions. This insight helps teams refine and optimize their scripting strategies for enhanced agent performance.


  • Customers hung up 10X more frequently when agents said, “I’m going to put you on hold,” instead of asking, “Would you please wait a moment while I look into that?”
  • Chats lasted an average of 2 minutes longer every time an agent asked, “What else can I help you with?” instead of, “Is there anything else I can help you with today?”

Customer segmentation strategies

By using ProInsight to analyze factors such as customer demographics, preferences, and behaviors, teams can gain insights into different customer segments. This information can be used to tailor campaigns, personalize customer interactions, and provide targeted support, ultimately improving customer satisfaction and increasing customer loyalty.


  • 40% of customers who tried but couldn’t use the online payment portal resulted in inbound calls longer than 5 minutes to collect low balances.
  • 6% of customers expressed a preference to be contacted by text message instead of email, up 2% from last week.

Get the insights

Like we said, ProInsight can do a lot, so the name means a new way of thinking about all the possibilities for improving customer experience, agent performance, and business results.

Not a ProInsight customer yet? Let’s get you started so you can reveal and use all of the amazing insights that are already available inside your data.