Scott Hamilton and Son Sell Hand Turned Wooden Bowls to Feed the Hungry

Prodigal, a leading AI driven loan servicing and collections automation platform, is a team with a strong shared drive for serving others in the community. In their personal lives, they strive to be good stewards of what they accomplish in their professional lives. One shining example of this is the story of Serving Bowls, a nonprofit started by Scott Hamilton, Prodigal Sales Executive, and his son at the start of the Covid-19 pandemic. The organization is still going strong today.

wooden bowl

Hobby Turned Passion

Scott Hamilton’s son, Charlie Hamilton, showed an early interest in woodworking. By middle school, he was crafting pens and soon graduated to bowls. After joining a wood-turning club where he became the youngest member by 50 years, his hobby blossomed into a full-fledged passion. Under the mentorship of several senior woodturners— and with his father’s support in establishing a backyard woodshop— Charlie had the knowledge, tools and skills in place to turn his attention even more to woodworking in 2020 when Covid-19 closures went into effect. With plenty of time to focus, Scott and Charlie developed the endeavor further than ever.

Paying it Forward

Thankful for all of the support but concerned about growing food instability caused by Covid-related layoffs and school closures, Charlie was motivated to start a nonprofit. Scott and Charlie made it happen, and soon they had founded the nonprofit, Serving Bowls. The concept was to sell the handcrafted bowls and direct all profits to the nonprofit organization, Feeding America; and that is just what they have done. The team now consists of Charlie who makes most of the bowls, his lifelong friend Charlie Unice who assists with marketing and distribution, and Scott who helps with the administration, taxes, and sourcing/transporting the specialty wood slabs needed for the unique works of art.

Intersection of Needs

By creating beautiful and food-safe quality pieces with marketable utility, Serving Bowls has flourished in sales and still donates 100% of profits to Feeding America. The family’s local news network featured Charlie’s work and the story has even been picked up nationally.

“Serving Bowls has donated $15,000 in total to Feeding America over the past two summers. Summer and other school breaks are the primary time for product development, as Charlie is a student. I’m extremely proud of Charlie and thankful to be able to help support the opportunity he took hold of to develop a passion while helping those in need. He’s shown an incredible amount of dedication and initiative,” stated Scott.

The team at Prodigal has been supportive of the nonprofit through the purchase of the bowls. This is just one story of the dedication the team shows in its efforts to invest in their communities. Prodigal is proud of both Charlie and Scott for their industriousness, creativity and drive to make a difference. For anyone looking for a gift that gives in more ways than one this holiday season, these bowls are sure to make a beautiful reminder on the dinner table to be grateful for what we have.

Fighting Food Insecurity

Serving Bowls is the nonprofit organization created by Charlie and Scott Hamilton of Richmond, VA to help fund Feeding America through the sale of hand-turned food-safe wooden serving and dining bowls. 100% of proceeds are donated to Feeding America to help fight food insecurity. The organization was started in 2020 as a way to help others during the economic crisis resulting from Covid-19 school and workplace closures. The bowls are each unique and artisan made from a variety of woods. All proceeds from purchases are donated to Feeding America.

Feeding America is a 501(c)(3) non-profit and the nation’s largest domestic hunger-relief organization. Feeding America supports food banks, food pantries, and meal programs with food, funds, and advocacy. These efforts reach 40 million people in need of food every year. The organization’s mission is to advance change in America by ensuring equitable access to nutritious food for all in partnership with food banks, policymakers, supporters, and the communities they serve. The organization’s vision is an America where no one is hungry.

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