PM Intern at an Early Startup: Why Prodigal?

Before this year, my plan for starting my career after college revolved around getting a Product Manager internship at a big tech company and returning as a full-time — until I discovered the world of startups. I found out about Prodigal’s internship program on LinkedIn and immediately decided to apply. There were several reasons that Prodigal stood out to me.

pm intern

The Product

During my last internship at ByteDance, I was working on implementing a conversational AI model for meeting intelligence. I was always curious how features including speech analytics and automatic transcriptions could foster growth in a specific industry vertical. ProInsight and ProNotes were interesting to me because they present an opportunity to digitize the lending and loan servicing industry with the power of machine learning and AI. By leveraging the technologies, I believe that Prodigal has the potential to bring about a transformative shift in this industry.

The Company

As a prospective PM, there is nothing more exciting than growing a product or a feature from 0 to 1. In the startup world, this process happens more frequently than anywhere else. Prodigal just finished its $12M Series A in July last year and is currently in a crucial stage of growth and expansion. As I could tell from my initial conversations with the team, things move fast and especially at Prodigal. I am more than ready for an internship experience that would be both challenging and fun.

The People

Something that I want to highlight about the onboarding process at Prodigal is that the team puts effort into crafting an internship project that is compatible with my skills and interests. This shows a lot about how people at Prodigal care about each other’s personal growth and learning process. I look forward to interacting with each and everyone on the team going forward.

I appreciate the opportunity to be interning at Prodigal during my winter semester, and can’t wait for a fruitful experience!