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reap rewards.

Your team's daily QA and compliance work holds the secrets to transform your business. ProInsight automates analysis and scoring for every single customer interaction. Then, you can mine the data to drive revenue, lower risk, and rocket your business forward.

Delight your

Let agents ditch the menial tasks so they can focus on the conversation and respond to customers' needs. AI-automated notes save agent time - in and out of calls - and reveal patterns you can use to increase customer satisfaction and accelerate your business.

Learn from
the best.

With real-time prompts, informed by your teams' most successful conversations, you'll significantly reduce interactions that don’t add value, cut ramp time in half, and reduce risk. ProAssist helps agents find the best path forward to deliver an exceptional financial experience.

We’ve analyzed over 300 million consumer finance conversations. We’re ready for yours.


See why our customers love Prodigal.


"ProNotes is great from a compliance perspective. You see standardization of notes across the board. Regulators see that thoroughness and consistency and don’t go digging for potential concerns. Especially in highly regulated industries, it’s essential."


Tim Collins

Chief Compliance Officer at InDebted

“Prodigal is powerful. It's helped us identify opportunities to fix compliance gaps, train agents, and increase productivity.”


Neeraj Mendiratta

CEO at KnovaOne

“Prodigal’s notes automation makes servicing operations more efficient and effective.”


Mike Lavin

President & COO at
Consumer Portfolio Services
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