Getting on the industry map

Working at Prodigal is pretty exciting.

There's the way our AI team jumped - within a day - to fine-tune GPT-3.5 for our consumer finance models.

There's making the Will Reed Top 100 list of early-stage companies transforming workplace culture.

And of course, there's the snacks in the Mumbai office (today it's pineapple and guava - the rest of us are feeling pretty jealous).

Prodigal on the map

We know how amazing it is to be at Prodigal, but it's nice when other people can see that too.

You can catch up on where we've be popping up in these four market and industry maps:

Bessemer Venture Partners

"The Rise of SaaS in India" names as an AI-first company positioned to lead the productization of services globally.

Kelvin Mu

This roundup of top AI investors featured Accel's commitment to Prodigal.

Screenshot of generative AI investors map

The Strategy Deck

The genAI business productivity companies market map and analysis called out Prodigal's specialty in consumer finance.

Image of market map - click for full information

CaCube Consulting

A broad view of the sales tech landscape from CaCube Consulting included Prodigal in the productivity and enablement section.

Image of market map - click for full details