Humans of Prodigal: Badal Priyadarshi

Badal Priyadarshi started as a Backend Engineer at Prodigal, and now leads two teams - Tech Ops, and Customer Success Analysts. (He’s a busy guy.)

Originally from Muzaffarpur, Badal has a degree from IIT Bombay.

Where are you located?

Right now I am at the Bangalore office, but I live in Mumbai.

Why Prodigal?

I always wanted to work at a startup where I could have a lot of variety in my work, and put in a lot of effort to grow faster and better. 

I applied at a few startups, but a friend referred me to Prodigal and really it was the people here who made me want to join.

When I’m not working, you can find me…

Reading - I’m always reading three or four books at the same time, but I have a bad habit of not finishing them. I recommend A Gentleman in Moscow.

Play sports - I play tennis or badminton with my friends, or if no one is available, I go for a run.

Watching movies or TV - I really enjoyed Mindhunter recently. I like crime thrillers where they get into the perspective of the criminal and why they did what they did.

Cooking - I love to cook. One of my favorite things to make is Chilli Cheese Toast.

What would your co-workers be surprised to know about you?

I have four medals in field hockey from university - two of them gold!

What’s your favorite Prodigal value?

I have two - the first is We are specific. It’s one of the first lessons I learned at Prodigal. Someone asked me when I was going to complete something and I said, “Soon.” But that’s not helpful to someone else. So ever since then, I try to be specific in communicating.

The second is We take action. Even if you’re uncertain of 100% of the things to do to complete a job, you should start. You can always come back and revise it later, but if you wait until you have everything you need, you will just keep waiting and waiting. 

Want to work with Badal and the other humans of Prodigal as we pioneer consumer finance intelligence? We’re hiring!