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Call center agents in the lending and financial services world focussed on debt collections perform several repeated manual tasks throughout their day. They have to make several attempts to connect with the customers before getting them to pay. Over 100-200 calls a day, each followed by a series of repetitive tasks, drains the collectors, deteriorates customer experiences, and increases the inefficiency & inaccuracy in the processes. Prodigal understands the situation and is building out a series of real-time conversational intelligence products which super-charge the agent’s productivity and throughput by at least 20%.

Prodigal’s real-time product suite & roadmap encompasses several products - Automated note-taking, real-time agent assistance, automated payment prompts, voice biometrics, and several more. Prodigal integrates with several dialers to bring real-time speech analytics and conversational AI at your disposal to empower your agents to enhance payments and collection without compromising customer experience.

Lead the pack - Demand real-time audio from your dialers

A dialer with real-time audio integrability is going to give your organization the competitive edge it needs. Real-time conversational intelligence is becoming a must-have for most organizations. It is imminent to set up your agents for success!

Prodigal understands the challenges faced by both the agents and consumers. For your organization to be and stay competitive, we have collaborated with numerous prominent dialers worldwide and developed a solution that can cater to the needs of collection agents and consumers. Some of these significant dialers include LiveVox, Five9, TCN, Noble, Genesys, DialConnection, Intelligent Contacts, Ontario Systems, GoToConnect and several others.

Why is it imminent to shift to Real-time products? - 30% increase in productivity with ProNotes

There are numerous companies already leveraging real-time AI-based products to improve their overall productivity and business. However, the problem with most current solutions in the market is that they are not genuinely interactive and do not support real-time analytics. According to the experts, the advantage of AI in the financial services sector is its ability to analyze an extensive data set in real-time and provide actionable insights.

One of the biggest use-cases of real-time audio is ProNotes. It automates note-taking to automate after-call work and eliminate wrap time. ProNotes is a product aimed at automating after-call work and minimizing wrap time for call center agents. Specifically, the product caters to call centers involved in lending and collections, primarily focussed on the verticals of loan origination, customer servicing and debt collections. (find more details in this case study - )

ProNotes integrates with the dialer to extract audio and call feeds in real-time. It then uses Natural Language Generation to transcribe the audio to text and identifies crucial phrases from the conversation. Agents have to take the call notes to provide information to other agents who follow up on the account, support QA reviews, and ensure transparent audits. However, most agents are not that quick when writing call notes, leading to reduced productivity. ProNotes eliminate after-call work by analyzing and summarizing the call into short notes.

Up your game with real-time audio...

After-call is good, but you are just too late to the game!

With the advancement in technology, customer demands and expectations from a business firm have increased. The future lies where humans and technology work hand-in-hand to deliver optimal results. It is time to rethink customer service strategies, and Prodigal can help you with that. Your infrastructural choice today will define your market position in the next ten(10) years!

Maximize Revenue And Optimize Operations

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Prodigal’s intelligence powers agent productivity and
boosts profitability of lending operations

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