Automate Call Notes

Save 2+ hours of after-call grunt work everyday by automating call notes with AI

Automate call notes with ProNotes.

Get your agents to call extra hours every day, and transform your operations!

Eliminate After-call Work

Maximize your operations, save hours of manual note-taking with a single click. Your agents were born to collect, don’t let data-entry come in their way.

Standardized & Structured Notes

Break the notes down to analyze conversational insights and improve calling strategies, enhance the readability and accuracy of notes & eliminate the need for any shorthand training.

Deeper Customer Engagement

Avoid multitasking. Have your agents play to their strengths and focus only on building a relationship with the consumer. Leave the note-taking to ProNotes!

ProNotes adds 5+ hours of in-call time
per agent every week

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