The buzz at ACA Ignite 2023

Illustration of cash, credit card, and hand holding a stopwatch.

Ok, listen, we’ve seen the “What happens in Vegas” ads too, but we’re going to spill the beans about what we heard at ACA Ignite in Vegas last week because it was really interesting.

Conversation was busy about:

  • Hiring and retention
  • Updating tech stacks
  • Regulations and compliance

Where is everybody?

Like most of the other conferences we’ve been to recently, hiring and retention were the #1 topic of conversation. 

Especially with the rise in delinquencies we see coming, people are concerned about ramp time and doing more with lean teams.

Because you’ve been talking about it so much, we’ve been thinking about it a lot, and while we don’t have the answer, we do have a few ideas:

Technology spring cleaning

With this tiny break between the busy pandemic years and the maybe-maybe-not-recession future, there was a lot of chatter about taking care of technical debt. 

That means focusing on updating old servers/computers to keep tech infrastructure modern in order to take advantage of cloud-based automation and productivity tools (ahem, ahem, ahem).

Particular concerns were:

  • Security vulnerabilities
  • Lack of scalability
  • Compliance risks (more on this in a second!)

And, of course, proactive updating avoids future pain and unexpected costs to fix a problem that could have been avoided. Good plan, everyone. And h/t to Keith Barthold for igniting* that conversation.

*See what we did there?

The CFPB has been busy

From looking at the ACA Ignite schedule even before we landed in Vegas and hit the slots at baggage claim (like you didn’t too!), we knew the CFPB and compliance were going to be big issues.

We all breathed a sigh of relief when the Hunstein class action was shut down, but the Safeguard Protections Rule is coming and there are still too many unknowns.

Some of you heard us talking about this in person - we can’t make compliance go away, but we can help streamline your process to head off issues and improve training to boot. 

Not to brag (okay, we’re bragging a little), but FFAM 360 improved compliance and QA coverage to 100% of calls, responded to client requests 35% faster, and completed call reviews 5X quicker.

See you soon?

We’ve got to wait a whole year for the next ACA Ignite, but we’ll be back in Vegas next week for CBA Live, and then at CCN in San Diego. Let’s catch up at CBA or CCN.