8 Major Benefits of Real-Time Agent Assistance

In our last post on this topic, we talked about what agent assistance is and some of the core capabilities that might define an agent assistance solution. Today, let’s set aside any language about what assistance vs. guidance means, or “how AI and ML are really different things anyway” and focus on what matters: What does an agent assistance tool allow you to accomplish?

First and foremost, your solution should be built for outcomes. 

Right now, so much of what happens in a contact center (especially in a contact center focused on collections or other high-volume outreach efforts and regulated communication) is about activity, and not outcome. 

But why? 

Solutions exist. Real-time assistance can work toward an outcome alongside an agent, influencing one agent’s behavior based on what it has learned from another — or all others. 

If your business success is driven by the outcome of customer conversations (and isn’t it all?), then your conversations should move you closer to those outcomes. 

That’s the first major benefit of real-time assistance for the contact center: Effectiveness.

The Best Agent Assistance Solutions Aim for Effectiveness

What constitutes an effective engagement? Revenue generation? In debt collections, it may be dollars collected, whereas in healthcare RCM, it may be issues resolved or revenue returned. 

Whatever the goal, real-time agent assistants can influence its realization. By using machine learning to analyze the best calls — those that influence retention, sales, collections, you name it — your assistant can learn how to help agents reach those outcomes more efficiently. 

With the right agent assistance solution, everyone in the contact center can apply knowledge about: 

  • the right points in the conversation which influence a successful outcome
  • the right nudges to improve the probability of a key outcome
  • the customer profiles that are most likely to pay (deal or debt history and past communication), prioritizing them for the outcome (resolution, collection)
  • when an account is very unlikely to pay 

A great agent assistance tool would implement and share insights about performance for focused feedback and coaching. 

The results are those badly-needed outcomes we mentioned — the ones that drive business success. In Prodigal’s case, our agent assistance tool has helped one client achieve improvements of over 30 percent in payment collection rate.

There are, of course, many other benefits to real-time assistance. They’re both byproducts of the process of becoming more effective and they allow you to become more effective. Let’s take a look. 

Time-to-Value for New Agents and Re-trainings

Imagine reducing nesting periods for every agent, and the far-reaching effects that may have. With real-time agent assistance, constant, engaging reinforcements of the things that you cover in months of training can reduce training expenditures and time taken for agents to start taking calls by over 30 percent. 

Increased Productivity 

A great tool will help you reduce activities that are not outcome or value-focused (such as training, feedback sessions, recalibration, and training refreshers) and instead let the agent learn by doing. No matter how many modules you read or scripts you follow, you can’t replace a great in-call mentor that guides you to the right responses. Real-time agent assistance improves in-call time of agents by over 20 percent.

Better Regulatory Oversight 

Today, agents in many contact centers aren’t easily prompted in real time to hit every regulation. Maybe they have a script, and maybe the script can be served up before a call — but rarely can you truly ensure compliance. 

ProAssist lets you add both your legacy compliance guidelines and new guidelines that you can configure and deploy within minutes. Ensure quality and compliance on calls and reduce the chance of lawsuits with tools designed for coaching, not distracting. Real-time agent assistance allows agents to improve their compliance adherence by 10-15 percent.

Enhanced Customer Experience

Let’s be clear: Improving the experiences of customers, borrowers, patients, and your partners is not a footnote in this story. It’s right up front as perhaps the most important outcome you can work toward.

And with ProAssist, improving the experience really happens at the conversation level: a great conversation is focused, empathetic, and draws on the right context. Speed counts, too: When something goes wrong, your quality managers and agents should know so they can make an informed change, fast. 

The benefits of an ideal real-time assistance solution aren’t all reserved for the customer or the contact center as a whole. Agents should benefit, too.

Benefits for Agents

Aside from a shortened nesting period, which we’re sure most agents would appreciate if it were done right, contact center representatives might also find that they have increased focus and higher satisfaction overall. 

Increased Focus

The inefficiencies agents face at work are rarely their fault. But without the right tools, they can hamper focus. With agent assistance, agents won’t need to rely on memory or distracting note-taking in order to follow the guidelines and flow of the conversation. Instead they can focus on crafting and building a better connection and conversation.

Learn by Doing

Research has shown that the efficacy of learning by doing is higher than theoretical training. Agent assistance can let them do what they want: get on the phone and have a quality conversation. Instead of asking agents to engage with written content long before the conversation occurs — or, even worse sometimes, as a distraction during the call, you’re offering up a clear next action when they need it the most, keeping them focused and engaged. 

Higher Job Satisfaction

Better performers are much less likely to churn compared to low performers. Combining in-the-moment interaction with cool gamification and engaging leaderboards can make work just that much more interesting — and that much more rewarding. 

Give Agents A Mentor on Every Call

Whatever effectiveness means to you, ProAssist is meant to help your agents achieve it, more efficiently. Even better, it can help them become more focused, productive, and empathetic during important financial conversations by giving them a constantly-learning mentor that encourages and aids them. All of that focus on the agent and the conversation can fuel a contact center built on the customer experience. 

To discuss how ProAssist can help your agents, reach out to our team below. 

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