Your borrowers prefer digital outreach - genAI can help you master it

Incorporating texting into your customer outreach strategy is no longer a nice-to-have - it’s a must for creditors.

Lending and collections teams have been watching the effectiveness of voice decline for years. The Washington Post says the new phone etiquette is to text before you call, and never leave a voicemail.

All of this change has left you with a lot of questions

If your goal is to drive revenue, you need digital outreach that connects.

While it's true the cost to collect via text is much less than voice, if the customer doesn't read, click on, or pay via the message, there's no benefit to those cost savings.

You need to know exactly when to reach out to your customers to get the best chance of engagement.

Uniting forces to answer digital questions with AI

Because so many businesses just like yours are looking to get the best results from digital, Solutions by Text (SBT) and Prodigal are joining forces.

Our partnership combines SBT's enterprise messaging and payments platform with Prodigal ProEngage for digital outreach.

What you get: Increased revenue by uncovering the right time of day that results in payments using ProEngage to analyze your customer conversations.

At a time when businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of leveraging data for strategic decision-making, this collaboration makes Prodigal’s unique ability to deliver real-time information from customer conversations available to consumer finance teams that use SBT for full-funnel text messaging.

How you can benefit from using Prodigal’s genAI and SBT’s platform together

By analyzing customer conversations, including those on SBT’s platform, using generative AI algorithms, businesses can increase revenue by identifying the best time of day to contact each account.

Prodigal's AI Intent Engine, trained on over 400 million consumer finance conversations, provides your business with information so you can make data-driven decisions to improve key performance indicators (KPIs) such as open rates, click rates, and payment rates. 

What you can transform with digital intelligence

SBT’s success underscores what you already know - go digital, or get left behind.

But without intelligence to guide your digital outreach, it’s no wonder consumer finance companies are still struggling to build a solid strategy.

But the effort is worth it:

  • Up to 43% more payments
  • Up to 27% lift in click-through-rates
  • Up to 9% increase in open rates

Ready to power your digital strategy with solid data?

Learn more about SBT, or Prodigal’s Strategic Intelligence, including ProEngage.