AI-powered timing to maximize customer engagement

How are you managing scheduling for your text and email outreach to customers? Let's be honest - chances are it falls into one of these categories:

A. We just send 'em all out at once and hope for the best.

B. We try to plan based on reactions to our last message, but it's hit-or-miss.

C. Wait, we're supposed to be texting and emailing our customers?

The challenge of digital outreach

If any of those sound familiar, you're not alone.

Voice outreach is becoming costlier and less effective, but managing digital channels can feel overwhelming for teams used to more traditional methods. Nailing the timing is crucial, but guesswork often leaves revenue on the table.

That's why we're excited to introduce ProEngage - the flagship AI application in our new Strategic Intelligence suite.

Meet your future: ProEngage

ProEngage eliminates text and email guesswork by leveraging advanced AI to pinpoint the ideal send times to maximize engagement for every individual customer.

Our industry-trained models evaluate over 500 unique variables to generate custom predictions and recommended outreach windows tailored for each account in your database.

It's true hyper-personalization for your digital communications.

Why you need ProEngage

The results have been impressive. Customers using ProEngage's optimized timing strategy have seen:

- Up to 27% more click-throughs on emails and texts

- Up to 43% more payments generated from those increased engagement rates

By connecting with customers at exactly the right moment, ProEngage unlocks the full potential of cost-effective digital channels like email and text messaging. No more missed opportunities or wasted efforts.

Digital outreach is essential in today's marketplace, but realizing its full value requires advanced intelligence. With ProEngage's AI-powered insights, you can finally maximize engagement, revenue, and ROI from your text and email strategies.