Turn your data diamonds into profits

A 43% increase in payments.

That would be a nice number to see on your income statement, wouldn’t it?

It’s a real increase one of our customers is seeing.

You’re sitting on a diamond mine, just like they were when they came to us, looking for help to increase payments by improving their email outreach engagement. 

We used ProEngage, our outreach solution built on consumer finance-trained AI, to analyze their information and uncovered the diamonds they transformed into big results.

Your customer conversations and interactions hold gems you can turn into profits

Since we’re on the subject, take your own email or SMS outreach as an example of how this can work.

To be effective, you need to know what time of day customers are most likely to open, click on, and pay from an email.

If you want results, the best answer to that question won’t be an average across every industry. It will be specific to consumer finance relationships, like the ones you have with your customers.

And if you want the best results? The best answers will come straight from your own customer data.

How to uncover the diamonds in your data

Here are the secrets to getting the answers you need so you can get the results you want (like that 43% increase in payments). 

The first piece is our specialized AI, trained on 400 million consumer finance interactions like the ones you have with your customers every day. 

The second piece is putting that AI to work on your customer information. 

For that lender we mentioned above, we used ProEngage, our outreach intelligence app, to analyze their customer interactions using more than 500 interconnected consumer account and interaction variables.

By fine-tuning those variables, ProEngage was able to deliver specific recommendations on which time of day to email each of their accounts.

What you get from strategic intelligence

With Prodigal’s strategic intelligence offerings, you can uncover diamonds in your data like:

  • Dynamic propensity to pay scoring for account prioritization
  • Customized best time of day for digital outreach
  • Automated complaints identification and management to reduce risk
  • Early warning of likelihood of delinquency or account churn to lower losses
  • Upsell and cross-sell opportunities to boost revenue
  • …and much more

Meet the AI moment

As you see, your colleagues in lending and collections are already getting serious results with proven strategic intelligence.

You don’t have to build it yourself. You don’t have to settle for a solution that doesn’t know your business. And you can’t afford to wait.

Learn more about solutions built for you to uncover the diamonds in your data and turn them into profits.