The Life of an Agent Before and After ProNotes

Transitions are… stressful. 

It’s not just the change from scene to scene or the extra context it takes to wrap our brains around the “next thing on the list” that impacts us. It’s also the time spent managing these transitions — time that often goes unnoticed until it’s too late. It’s those one, five, ten or fifteen minute intervals that erode our total productivity and sense of accomplishment. So much so that we often wonder, when we reach the end of a given period, “Where did the time go?”

In agencies, there’s an answer. Fair warning: You might not like it. But through years of examining the way agencies work, we’ve noticed that time keeps on slipping, slipping, slipping…into after-call wrap. 

As a peripheral function — not the main purpose or skill of the job — wrap time represents a deadweight cost. In fact, we’ve learned that on average, agents spend 90-120 minutes per day just doing wrap-up. 

That translates to $8,000-$12,000 per year per agent. 

A team of 120 agents could burn through a million dollars a year typing up their notes and hitting submit. Imagine the solution that could change the way they spend their days — and the way your agency spends its dollars. 

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Changing How Agents Manage After-Call Wrap 

Now, we recognize the importance of call notes. They’re critical to your success and can’t be  hastily thrown together just to check a box. Indeed, great manual notes should take agents even more than the 45 second per call average to type! But prioritizing quality doesn’t mean prioritizing time spent. We have another proposal: Automation. 

If you could automate note-taking and use abstractive summarization to support clean, structured notes, the possibilities for productivity are endless. 

Let’s take a look at what happened when an agent “Michael Collins” switched to ProNotes, Prodigal’s automated wrap-time solution

Productivity: Before and After ProNotes

Agent Collins is a veteran collector working in utilities and card debt collections for the last 10 years. He is one of the most efficient debt collectors in the service and is a consistent performer. 

Our measurements for efficiency of Agent Collins include wrap hours per day, note-taking time, in-call time, and daily shift hours both pre-pilot and post-pilot of ProNotes. We were able to draw four clear conclusions, listed below:

1. We observed a 63% (8.5 seconds) decrease in wrap time per call.

Here is a summary of decrease in wrap time along with important disposition codes:

2. Daily time saved with ProNotes was 46 minutes.

Average daily calls for Agent Michael Collins is 330. After ProNotes, taking 20 working days in a month and cost of agent as $25 per hour, the total cost saved per agent for a month is $383. 

3. Daily Ready status in an eight-hour shift increased by 24% from 2.5 hours a day to 3.1 hours a day.

This agent can now onboard more accounts and also increase the dialer strategy.

4. Finally, percentage of notes edited after using ProNotes is just 1.7%, indicating the agent is satisfied with the ProNotes call summarization and has very minimal manual edits which helps the agent to focus more on the call.

Change the Day and Change Your Agency

As you can see from the pilot numbers shared here, changing an agent’s day can change everything. While you might very well save thousands of dollars a month, you’ll also remove huge blocks of transition effort and replace them with in-call time and in-call focus. That’s priceless. 

Consider the less tangible effects on your agency:

  • Structured notes provide all agents with better context
  • No more shorthand means no more time spent deciphering
  • No more training and retraining for note-taking and note interpretation
  • Better QA coverage on notes

And that’s not all. With a simple shift to your call transitions, your agents are free to empathize during the call and focus their energy on what comes next. 

If you want to learn more about how Prodigal’s ProNotes solution could change your agents’ days and transform after-call wrap into an opportunity for collections success, just follow the link below.

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