Call note standardization - automation for debt collection

In today’s day and age, call notes have become an indispensable tool for debt collectors. Call notes can help agents with matters pertaining to follow-ups, reminders, queries, and more.

As debt collection becomes more and more digital, there is a need for agencies to devise methods to document any and all types of communication with the customer.

So, how does one document a call?

The agent could make notes of the discussion they have had. These call notes would later help them forward the customer’s pain points to the right people or alternatively, they could solve the problem with suitable action tasks. Moreover, in the future, if the customer feels discontent and raises a dispute over their past interaction, these recorded call notes would help verify the exchange.

Just as important as calls is the after call wrap, wherein your agent would notate their communication with the client, which typically involves details about next payment, follow-up, disclosures, or the customer’s questions. For this very purpose, we have call notes.

It sounds like a good solution, unless we look at the challenges:

  • Agents can make a note as they like, with no one to authenticate the contents and confirm that whatever contents have been noted are correct.
  • In the competitive environment that most agents work in, they are more motivated to increase their number of calls than they are to alleviate customer problems and note down their points. The current incentive system is further deepening their lack of attention.
  • Not all agents may be well-versed on how to make a standardized note. The training may require time and capital investment.
  • If while making the note, important details have been missed, this can turn out to be financially and legally disastrous for a company later, when the exchange is requested as evidence.
  • The notes are bundles of unorganized and unscalable data. This data could have helped your business, if only there was a mechanism to compute them.

Prodigal, the leading provider of AI-powered collection automation software helps you automate your workflows throughout your debt collection process. Prodigal recently launched ProNotes, an AI-powered note automation tool to further make the most of their phone calls.

Here’s how Prodigal helps you standardize notations across your business model:

  • With ProNotes, your agents can make auto-generated or automated notes for all their calls. These auto-generated notes follow a clearly defined construct and layout, making sure that some fields aren’t left unanswered. 
  • ProNotes doesn’t just standardize data collection from your calls, it also helps you monitor your agents individually and see the gaps in their process. 
  • ProNotes, though with intuitive automation, can also be customized to suit your style. This means your agents will have the option to edit these notes. Moreover, you can fix the parameters which are crucial for each note. For instance, if you would like some data fields compulsorily mandated for all notes taken, you have the option to do that. You can set the format for your call notes. 
  • There will be an easier platform to notate all your communication, payments, follow-ups, and more. 
  • The data collected will be structured and more comprehensive for the analytical tools, which can help you strategize over your customer support and product strategy later. 

Prodigal could help automate your debt collection workflows. With our simple and beautiful interface, your agents would not just be more efficient but also spend more time collection money and less time on call wrap activities.