New ways to nail your outreach strategy

When you’re designing your contact strategy, you have a lot of things to consider.

How can you adhere to regulations and accommodate customer preferences?

What day and time work best for customer engagement?

Which accounts prefer which channels for communication?

Why isn’t digital outreach working the way everyone promised?

When, where, and how you communicate with your accounts has a direct impact on your bottom line. But until now, the answers to those questions have been mostly guesses, with very little solid information to back up a better plan.

A new way to improve communication with your customers

Every time you contact a customer - or try to - you get additional information about the best contact strategy to connect with them.

But capturing and analyzing that information has been too difficult, no matter how much you need it.

AI has brought in a new era. Now you can leverage up-to-date information from your customer interactions to accurately determine the best way to connect with every account.

How it works

Businesses of any size now have access to specialized AI to deliver intelligence you can use to revolutionize your contact strategy. Here's how the magic happens:

  1. ProEngage, our digital outreach recommendations app, analyzes your omnichannel customer interactions for payment signals and combines the results with payment histories, account information, and response patterns.
  2. Because we've specially trained the AI that underlies ProEngage on consumer finance interactions like the ones you have every day, it understands context, not just content. That means we gain an understanding of which communications are best, and on which channel. That helps us further evaluate your best potential methods for outreach.
  3. We blend the insights gathered from your interaction analysis with demographic and bureau data. This integrated approach offers a more holistic understanding of each customer, leading to a more precise outreach strategy.
  4. With a full view of the content and history of previous customer interactions, we generate a plan that includes the optimal strategy for contacting each customer.

The power is in your hands

You can run your outreach plays straight from ProEngage's playbook, or combine our recommendations with your models to boost your results.

And because Prodigal learns with every outreach attempt, successful or not, you can constantly improve and refine your strategies.

Our customers see lifts like a 27% improvement in email click-through rate. That’s more like the results you were hoping for, right?

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