Your customers are giving you game-changing information

You've always had questions about your business.

Questions like:

How can I prioritize based on which accounts are most likely to pay?

Do my customers want to be contacted by text or email?

Why do some of my agents collect so much more than others?

What’s the best day and time for customer outreach?

And if you could answer those questions - your whole business would change.

Guessing about the future

The principle of most decisions in lending and repayments is looking to the past to predict the future.

So you've built models based on the information you have - payment histories, credit bureau reports and scores, and account information.

And those models have performed...fine.

But you're still always stuck using past information to try to guess at what will happen next.

Finding answers, not guesses

Your customers are giving you information about what's happening with their finances right now

And that’s information you can't get anywhere else.

You don't have to rely on the same information as everyone else. You just need a new way of listening so you can act on what your customers are telling you.

What your customers are saying

They're telling you about their lives:

Job changes - promotions, layoffs

Family shifts - divorce, marriage, children

Upcoming financial commitments - house hunting, car shopping

They're telling you how they feel:

Intent to pay

Considering switching to another company

Preferences for communication and self-service options

They're asking for help:

Wondering about credit card rewards

Inquiring about surrendering a car

Complaining that too many bills fall on the first of the month

Your new opportunities

Because we're mostly living in the past with loans, credit, and collections, we tend to focus on solving the issue right in front of us and then waiting for external updates to act.

But what if you could examine the customer information you're already getting literally every single day and act based on that?

You could keep chasing accounts that are unwilling to pay...


You can use fresh information to prioritize accounts that are more likely to pay.

You could send out text messages on the same schedule you’ve always used...


You can determine what time, day, and frequency actually get results so you can use them.

You could train agents based on your best guesses about what works...


You can pinpoint exactly what agent behaviors drive success and coach your team to use them.

You could keep sinking money into agents’ making phone calls...


You can find out which channel each accounts prefer to be contacted on so you can segment outreach effectively.

How you’ll make it happen

Those all sound like amazing ideas, but how can you make them a reality?

Good news. You’re already halfway there.

You collect information every day from your customers through calls, emails, chats, and texts.

What you need is the right solution to dig in, find the patterns, statistics, and opportunities, and help you take action.

At Prodigal, we've trained our custom AI Intent Engine on more than 300 million consumer finance interactions, just like the ones you have with your customers every single day.

And you can use that expert AI to dive into your own customer interactions for insights you never thought were possible.

Write your own future

In other words, by mining your own customer data, you can be proactive instead of reactive.

And that comes with real benefits:

  • Better payment rates with refined account prioritization
  • Higher engagement rates with targeted contact strategies
  • Improved agent performance with targeted behavior.
  • And so much more.

Let's get you started.