#bestgiftever Day 11: Account segmentation, targeting, and prioritization

Gift #10 gave you the ability to quantify all the customer behaviors that help you decide how to manage your accounts.

Gift #11 helps you lay out a new accounts strategy for your entire business.

The wish list: I wish I had fresh, unique information to refine my account treatment models.

The gift: Account segmentation, targeting, and prioritization

What it does:  Analyzes customer conversations to reveal which accounts you should target, how, and in what order.

Why you’ll love it: No more guesswork, and no more outdated models - drive strategic efficiency and effectiveness with clear, up-to-date information you can use for the best success rates.

How to use it:

  • Select from a library of 100+ available metrics to dive deep into customer behavior.
  • Use that information to build better models so you can drive business goals with improved segmentation, prioritization, and targeting.

Back your decisions with current, personalized data.

Let's review all the great gifts you can give your business at tomorrow's webinar!