How to make every agent your best agent

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Agents need training to make them superstars. But you don’t have time to sit next to every agent on every call, coaching them through it.

What if you had a tool that could show your agents what an exceptional agent would say in any given situation?

Our AI knows what your agents need to know

At Prodigal, our commitment is to improving consumer finance account servicing, collections, and recovery conversations.

Our AI Intent Engine has listened to and learned from over 250 million conversations about consumer finance, so it knows what steps lead to a successful resolution.

That expertise means we can predict not just what any agent will say, but what your best agent would say, leading to the outcome you want.

Expert Tips from Prodigal

We’re rolling that useful information into a new feature called Expert Tips (simple, but snappy, right?).

The first phase of Expert Tips allows any agent to look at a moment in a call and compare what they said with what a best agent would say.

No wondering what might work better. Just actionable insights from solid data.

So next time that agent is in a conversation with a customer and that situation comes up, they’ll know exactly what to say in order to achieve the outcome they want.

Boom. Instant superhero level up.


Let’s say you’ve got a customer who will not verify the last four digits of their Social Security number. Without that information, you can’t proceed.

Average agent: “I can’t disclose any more information unless I can verify that I’m talking to the right person.”

Best agent: “By law, to keep your personal information safe, I can’t share any account details until I know for certain I’m talking with the right person. Let’s try another way to verify that this is your account. Can you please share your birth date?”

Or how about this: A customer is frustrated because they keep getting collections notices mailed to them.

Average agent: “We’ll stop sending notices as soon as you pay your debt. Is there some reason you haven’t already paid?”

Best agent: “I understand receiving those notices can be frustrating. Let’s review your account together and go over how we can resolve this outstanding balance.”

Last one - a customer needs to update their mailing address so they can receive statements.

Average agent: "Do you know it’s actually way faster if you just make these updates in our online portal? But, since you called, I’ll take the info. What’s your new address?”

Best agent: "I’m happy to update that for you. To get started, can you please share your new street address and ZIP code?”

The future

Expert Tips knows exactly what to recommend to lead agents to success because consumer finance is what we do. 

We’ve seen what works and what doesn’t in these exact situations literally millions of times. We don’t try to be everything to everybody. We don’t try to be experts in software support or insurance sales or home improvement (no matter how lovely you folks are!).

Nope. We’re here for one thing. We want to use all our knowledge to improve the interactions you have about borrowing, lending, repayment, and receivables with your customers every day.

Expert Tips is just one of the many innovations we’re working on to make sure everyone in consumer finance - lenders and borrowers alike - has the best experience possible.

P.S. Right now we’re rolling Expert Tips out to the select customers who worked with us to build this feature. If you’re a Prodigal customer and you want to join the squad, let your Customer Success Manager know!

Not a Prodigal customer yet? There’s no better time to check out how our solutions can help you turn every agent into your best agent too.