Expert Answers: The answers agents need - fast

Customer: I have a question.

Agent: Uh, hang on. *sighs, pulls out agency manual in a five-pound binder*

Looking for answers in all the (right, but confusing) places

Agency manuals and guides are often complicated, novel-length, and frequently updated.

The answers to almost all customers' - and agents’ - questions about policies and procedures are probably somewhere in those documents. But that means either a long search or trying to get help from a supervisor.

Even that's not easy these days.

With the rise of remote agents and round-the-clock support across time zones, getting in touch with a supervisor to ask for help has become even more challenging.

And sometimes there are questions agents never even ask, either because they don’t want to look foolish or they can’t find the right person to help.

How are agents supposed to help customers?

Good question!

Right now, they can't. At least not well.

Best case scenario: The agent puts the customer on a lengthy hold while they hunt for the right answers or policies – dragging out the call and hurting customer satisfaction.

Worst case scenario: The agent guesses or finds the wrong info and provides incomplete or even outright wrong information to a customer.

Those are both kind of lousy scenarios, to be honest.

Putting on our AI superhero capes!

We heard these pains and knew we could apply our deep expertise in artificial intelligence (AI) to create a better way.

Introducing Expert Answers by Prodigal.

Think of it as an on-call supervisor. It can answer questions in your manual without the long hold times and endless searches. It’s kind of like ChatGPT, except without the part where it constantly gives you the wrong information.

How does Expert Answers by Prodigal work?

We're so glad you asked!

Drag and drop your PDF agency manual, handbook, or guide into the upload box on the Expert Answers demo website. (Don’t worry, your data is secure and we don’t share or save it.) 

Then, just type in a question.

As long as the answer to your question is somewhere in the document you uploaded, Expert Answers will respond with the answer.

The best part: Expert Answers cites its sources, so you can trust the information and even check it out yourself if you want.

Here's an example: 

1) You upload your Policy Guide to Expert Answers. 

2) Later, a customer asks, “Can a friend pay my outstanding credit card bill for me?”

3) The agent thinks the answer is “No,” but isn't sure. They work remotely and their supervisor is tied up. The agent quickly types the question into Expert Answers: “Can someone else pay a customer’s credit card bill for them? 

4) Expert Answers searches the Policies Guide, and generates the answer: “Yes. Someone other than the primary account holder can pay the balance for them. The easiest way is for the person who’d like to pay to call the card issuer directly.”

5) Ta-da! Instead of wasting time searching for the right answer or mistakenly giving the customer the wrong one, the agent can quickly and confidently respond to the customer's question.

You’re just seconds away from trying a demo of Expert Answers

Imagine a future where agents don’t have to put customers on hold to search through handbooks and guides for the perfect answer, so they can complete more calls faster while improving customer satisfaction. 

You can try the demo version of Expert Answers for free right now! All you have to do is enter your work email address, and then you’re in. That's it.

Fine print here: This is a demo version and Expert Answers is still in its beta phase. That means it's a simplified version and you might encounter a minor bug or two and slow loading times.

But! We want your feedback so we know how you want to use Expert Answers and what you'd like to see in a fully functional version. (After you play around with it, drop us a line and give us your thoughts!)

Ready? Set? Get expert answers to all your questions now: