Revolutionize QA and compliance with AI built for you

For years, consumer finance teams across lending and collections  have struggled with ineffective quality assurance (QA) and compliance workflows. Traditional analytics platforms only review 2% of calls using basic keyword searches. 

Not to mention those tools’ dismal ~50% accuracy rate, with half the "flagged" calls being false positives and many issues missed entirely.

These issues have left companies like yours flying blind, with QA teams overwhelmed and the organization exposed to severe compliance risks. Clearly, a better solution was needed.

Enter AI-Powered conversation analytics

By harnessing advanced AI and machine learning models trained on over 400 million consumer finance conversations and interactions, Prodigal is ushering in a new era of accurate, automated QA and compliance.

We created ProInsight using proprietary AI models that go far beyond simple keyword searches. Our AI understands and evaluates the full context of conversations - including account data, voice tonality, and emotional cues - to achieve human-level accuracy over over 90%.

No more over-redaction headaches

One key advantage is Prodigal's context-aware redaction models, which prevent overzealous redaction of important datapoints like account numbers. Whereas old-school analytics blindly scrubbed any number patterns, Prodigal's AI understands the context to redact only true personal identifiers.

The AI also tracks sentiment shifts over the course of conversations, rather than just reacting to isolated negative words. This nuanced emotional intelligence is critical for financial companies dealing with high-stress situations.

Automating 100% of conversation reviews

By automating QA across 100% of conversations against over 200 tailored attributes, Prodigal eliminates laborious manual reviews and provides a comprehensive dataset for fast insights.

One top 25 bank tried for two years to boost accuracy on a leading analytics platform, throwing ten data scientists at the problem. Yet they couldn't get above 50% accuracy, rendering the tech virtually useless. They switched to Prodigal and within a month had raised QA team productivity 25%.

As a collections client shared: "Our previous two softwares promised we could eliminate QA. Prodigal was the first that actually delivered. We cut our 12-person QA team down to 8."

Prodigal's "secret sauce" is training AI models specifically on consumer finance data, allowing unparalleled accuracy in this domain. Integrating ProInsight is lightweight, requiring no heavy IT effort - most clients go live within a month.

Transform QA and drive strategic growth

By finally achieving accurate, comprehensive analytics, you can move beyond putting out fires. 

And even better, with ProInsight, QA shifts from a checking-the-box compliance exercise to a driver of strategic insights.

With visibility into 100% of conversations and customer pain points, companies can optimize agent coaching, uncover digital migration opportunities, and craft targeted retention/growth strategies. The ROI becomes transformative for the business.

If your QA and compliance workflows are stuck in the past, it's time to explore what you can achieve with purpose-built consumer finance AI.