I turn every agent into a top performer

Three applications, all powered by our AI Intent Engine.

Having analyzed over 250 million consumer finance calls, Prodigal’s AI Intent Engine uses all of its learnings and training to make your teams more efficient.

ProAssist guides agents through calls.

Because I've analyzed millions of calls, I know our success relies on the productivity, efficiency, and effectiveness of your team's conversations. I help by leveraging real-time and post-call learning to coach your agents through every call they make or take.

“With ProAssist, we've seen a jump in payments and up to a 25% increase in other critical agent effectiveness areas, like compliance scores, rebuttals, and objections. It will only increase from here.”

Paul Allen, COO

Your agents will know exactly what to say next.

ProAssist is like having a mentor on every call. With ProAssist coaching your agents, they're better equipped to respond to customers' needs, freeing them up to focus on building relationships and establishing trust. With ProAssist, you can:
  • Make every agent a top-performer.
  • Create dynamic talk tracks and ensure agents follow them.
  • Deliver flawless customer service, even in complex situations.
  • Remind agents of mandatory disclosures to reduce violations.


in wrap time


more efficient


in training time

ProAssist solves for complex scripts and calls.

Learn from
the best.

With real-time prompts, informed by your teams' most successful conversations, you'll significantly reduce call time that doesn't add value. ProAssist ensures every agent has more effective and efficient conversations by learning from your top performers.


Let agents ditch the menial tasks so they can focus on the conversation and respond faster and more authentically to customers' needs. ProAssist helps agents find the best path forward to deliver an exceptional financial experience.


Monitoring agents for disclosures and compliance isn't where you want to spend your time. Let ProAssist keep up with legacy and new regulations, reduce training time, and increase compliance adherence by up to 15%.

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ProNotes analyzes and summarizes calls.

Note taking is tedious, time-consuming and outdated. I can help. I analyze every conversation and provide an at-a-glance summary with actionable insights to help you ensure higher quality on all future calls.

"We want to know how customers feel. With Prodigal's ProNotes, we're able to surface insights about those sentiments and how we can improve."

Pran Navanandan, Founder

More in-call time with less multitasking.

Note taking wastes hours of your agents’ time, without generating revenue or improving customer experience. ProNotes auto-writes a call summary seconds after a call that is consistent, clear, and includes just the right amount of detail, with automatic redaction.
  • Slash after-call wrap-time and increase capacity by 15% or more.
  • Get automatic, accurate summaries of conversations.
  • Reduce talking while typing to boost customer experience.
  • See actionable insights from analysis of uniform notes.


in capacity


saved each day


of in-call time added per agent every week

Prodigal solves for tedious note taking.

note taking.

Maximize your operations and save hours of manual work with a single click. Free agents of administrative work and give them the capacity to succeed.


Break call notes down to gain conversational insights and improve calling strategies, enhance readability and accuracy, and eliminate the need for shorthand training.


Avoid multitasking. Have your agents activate their strengths and focus only on building a relationship with the consumer. Leave the note taking to ProNotes.

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ProVoice helps ensure your QA compliance.

After calls, I analyze and score complete conversations, bucketing and scoring compliance questions to bubble up any interactions that might require follow-up. Turn all your agents into fully-compliant top performers in half the time while reducing compliance risks.

"Since using Prodigal, I get the transparency across my business that gives me peace of mind."

Anna Donnelly, VP

Call scoring, coaching and compliance.

Monitoring agent performance goes beyond basic compliance. Prodigal ProVoice analyzes every interaction for FDCPA compliance adherence, automates call scoring, and provides coaching insights.
  • Analyze calls on 60+ parameters.
  • Manage, monitor, evaluate, and coach your agents more efficiently.
  • Monitor and analyze 100% of calls to flag exceptions.
  • Store audio and text for every call in one central place.


in QA cost efficiency


call monitoring and coverage


faster call reviews completed

ProVoice solves for QA compliance.


Monitor and analyze every agent-customer interaction. With over 60 out-of-the-box evaluation parameters and even more custom metrics, you can examine and flag every facet of your customers' and agents' behaviors on a call.


Use Prodigal’s agent scorecards to evaluate calls, review performance, and analyze trends all in one place. Improve your QA productivity further with AI-assisted scorecard automation.


Generate customizable reports at the touch of a button with Prodigal’s smart reports. Let the data do the work for you so you can examine and understand valuable trends and cues.

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