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Which accounts are most likely to pay?

Increase your collections and reduce your costs by prioritizing your accounts based on their intent to pay.

More in-call time with less multitasking.

Note-taking wastes hours of your agents’ time, without generating revenue or improving customer experience. ProNotes auto-writes a call summary seconds after a call that is consistent, clear, and includes just the right amount of detail, with automatic redaction.
  • Slash after-call wrap-time and increase capacity by 15% or more.
  • Get automatic, accurate summaries of conversations.
  • Reduce talking while typing to boost customer experience.
  • See actionable insights from analysis of uniform notes.

Master your account prioritization.

Use Prodigal's intent-to-pay score to achieve:


Collections with the same effort

How it works

Here’s how Prodigal uses AI to build a highly accurate intent-to-pay score so you can prioritize effectively:
Digs into first-party customer information
Our custom-built AI analyzes omnichannel customer conversations for payment signals and combines the results with payment histories, account information, and response patterns.
Integrates third-party data
To enhance your first-party information, we add demographic and bureau data to paint a comprehensive picture of each borrower.
Prioritizes by likelihood of payment
Combining these sources creates a sophisticated prioritization model, ranking borrowers on their likelihood of paying.
Uses predictive scores to lift results
You use this customized scoring to increase efficiency and improve payment rates by prioritizing outreach and driving channel strategy based on your accounts' likelihood of payment.

What else do you need to know?

Propensity models

✓   Outreach strategy

   Agent effectiveness

Discover what else our custom AI can reveal for you.

You’ve been wondering for years which accounts to prioritize, and the answer has been hiding in plain sight. Discover what else our customized AI can reveal for you.

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