Refreshed and Renewed: Why I Joined Prodigal

This time seven years ago, I’d dabbled in many areas of marketing, always pushed forward by the “writing gene.” But I kept noticing a pattern in my career. Even when hired to write, I quickly found myself driven toward greater business strategy. Lucky for me, I landed at an agency that presented endless opportunity to learn — and I took the opportunity, cutting my teeth in vertical software growth. 

That experience eventually led me to a position as Marketing Manager at Prodigal. But not before I took another opportunity: a quick reset to focus on finding my “why.”

Do You Ever Stop to Think?

Many years working through customer acquisition strategy, marketing campaigns, retention plays and more brought me to a point I couldn’t turn back from. My personal passions were absolutely biting at my heels. I knew I had to act fast to make a career pivot, if it’s what I wanted. 

So I stopped working, and started simply focusing on my one true commitment: writing poetry. I had no plans to jump back into vertical software now, or perhaps ever. And then I met the folks at Prodigal.  

Why Prodigal? 

The first phone call I had with the team at Prodigal made several things clear. Without anyone explicitly saying so, I knew that Prodigal was built on: 

  • Deep engineering expertise
  • Curious personalities
  • Customer commitment
  • Transparent communication

These elements of a company’s DNA are right up my alley. I could spend all day talking and writing about brilliantly engineered solutions with curious people who truly care about customer success. That’s a no brainer. But when it came down to it, I still wasn’t sure I could fit Prodigal into my “new” life. 

It was time for some transparent communication. 

The Mindset

The moment I shared my reservations with the Prodigal team, they showed me, clearly, that their actions matched their mentality. We found a way to allow me to come on board. I can’t overstate the value of the opportunity: I’m here to support a unique product in an industry with complex and evolving needs. I’m here to communicate to deeply entrenched industry minds in a way that not only supports our shared understanding, but also capitalizes on the power of today — this moment — in lending operations. And I plan to do it all while still focusing on myself and my creativity. The flexibility and commitment the Prodigal team displayed underlined the real reason I’ve joined. What’s best for me is what’s best for Prodigal. 

And there’s one more thing. 

The Product

The connection between writing and engineering isn’t always immediately evident. Not everyone wants to compare programming syntax to grammatical syntax, or sort through possible solutions to Wordle via code. But I do. I love logic, language, machine learning, data ingestion and insight. I love the concept of systems of intelligence. I love all of it. For me, all of it fits neatly together. 

Prodigal’s platform not only reflects these interests of mine, but it truly has the goods to bring about a transformative shift in how an entire vertical does business. Though many companies purport to have a unique product in the analytics space, Prodigal’s model and functionality are genuinely so. I couldn’t resist the allure of working with folks crafting brilliant NLP models — all with the ultimate goal of improving experiences for an entire industry of workers and consumers. 

If you, like me, are excited to learn more about Prodigal, dig in below. 

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