Humans of Prodigal: Alexandra Camacaro

Alexandra Camacaro is Implementation Manager at Prodigal, where she...well, manages implementation! 

For our new Prodigal customers, Alex guides them through the onboarding process, building their project plans, coordinating engineering requirements, and meeting with them regularly to make sure everything is going smoothly.

Alex grew up in Mérida, Venezuela, and graduated from Universidad de Los Andes Venezuela with a degree in political science. Her career has focused on B2B client management.

Where are you located?

Medellín, Colombia

Why Prodigal?

I was already working in telecommunications and I really enjoyed the niche. I think that I've learned a lot and I wanted to stay in that realm. So when I got the invitation to be interviewed by Prodigal, I was like, nice, this is what I've been doing and even in a more specific field.

It was nice to come from a big company to a smaller company. So in terms of envisioning my future, it makes more sense to grow in a smaller company. You can have a bigger impact, you can leave a legacy.

I like to be able to solve things for people. I enjoy working in between two teams that traditionally don't speak to each other: the client side and the engineering or technical implementation side. Being able to be the bridge between those worlds and help translate their needs and their desires, their requirements. I truly enjoy serving and helping people.

When I’m not working, you can find me…

I like working out a lot, I work out every day. And besides that, I also work out with aerial silks.

I also am a football (soccer) fan. I love going and watching the matches, watching them on TV, meeting with friends and talking about them, and following stuff on the internet.

I have two teams. I have my hometown team, which is Estudiantes de Mérida F.C., and now that I live here, I am also following Independiente Medellín.

Alex with Fedel, the Independiente Medellín mascot, and Alex on aerial silks.

What would your co-workers be surprised to know about you?

I am a big The Office fan. It’s my favorite show ever. My favorite episode is the fire drill (“Stress Relief”). It’s just 20 minutes of chaos. 

My favorite quote is from Michael: "I'm not superstitious, but I am a little 'stitious."

What’s your favorite Prodigal value?

“We pursue excellence.” 

Excellence is a constant I've always tried to apply in my life, so finding that as a core value of a company really resonates with me. Trying to always improve. It really motivates me.

It's about trying to do your best, even though you have elements against you. For example, I'm not an engineer. And a lot of my peers are engineers. But even without that background, trying to find that knowledge, trying to train yourself, trying to keep yourself updated with what you're working on. That's the constant pursuit of excellence.

Even if it doesn't 100% pay off, it doesn't matter. Doing it is a goal in itself.

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