A Designer’s Dream: Why Prodigal?

Any designer is going to want to be in a position where they are valued not just for their skill in execution, but also for their ability to think creatively and solve problems that require creativity. During my job search, one of my chief concerns was ending up at a company that sees design merely as a workhorse and not as a valuable asset in marketing strategy. Prodigal was quick to establish that they did indeed value design and reassure me that it had a seat at the table.

What I experienced during the interview process was unlike anything I had experienced in previous interviews. There was a healthy amount of empathy and transparency. They were honest with me in the fact that they did not have an immense amount of experience when it came to a marketing design function and how to measure its success. I really appreciated this honesty and it made me excited for the incredible opportunity I had to build a design culture at Prodigal. 

What Matters Most to Me

Going into any interview experience, these are the three main points that I look for in a future employer:

  • Growth

The ability to grow, both professionally and personally.

  • Investment (in employees)

A company that invests in the future, skills, and wellbeing of their employees.

  • Communication

You can have the most skilled employees in the industry, but if you lack proper communication it can all fall apart.

Prodigal checked off every single one of these boxes. I spoke with four different people in my interview process, from the hiring manager to one of the founders, and each interview was consistent across all of these points. That’s a great sign.

Prodigal’s current startup state was a selling point in my consideration as well. . Having worked for more established companies with existing design systems, I was eager for the opportunity that working for a startup provided. There is a certain amount of agility that comes with working at a startup that you can't find anywhere else. The ability to really forge a design language and system while Prodigal grows is a phenomenal opportunity.

I knew I was in the right place when we had a meeting on my second day to discuss some marketing strategy and the CEO was interested in our opinion and what would help us grow. You won't find that everywhere. It's very apparent that communication and input is an important part of being a member of Prodigal.

I can't wait to see where Prodigal goes in the next few years and I am looking forward to making an impact through design!

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